SOREC2 paper featured on the Solar RRL journal cover

In February 2024, SOREC2 team members Francisco Bernal-Texca and Jordi Martorell published an article in the journal Solar RRL describing the fabrication of a new type of organic solar cell with a four-terminal tandem configuration. The article has now been featured in the cover of the journal’s 10th issue.

In the article, titled “Four-Terminal Tandem Based on a PM6:L8-BO Transparent Solar Cell and a 7 nm Ag Layer Intermediate Electrode “, the ICFO researchers reported the design and fabrication of a four-terminal tandem organic solar, achieving an unprecedented 16,94% power conversion efficiency.

The featured artwork, a graphical abstract for the accompanying paper, presents a 3D illustration of the fabricated tandem organic solar cell structure. The artwork vividly depicts the initial light harvesting stage with rainbow colors, symbolizing light entering the transparent front cell. This front cell primarily captures high-energy photons from the visible spectrum. The filtered light, now predominantly lower-energy photons, reaches the back cell, illustrated in warm yellow and red hues.

Highlighting the solar cell efficiency

To emphasize the performance and efficient light distribution, the experimental External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) spectrum appears on the right side of the illustration. Additionally, the artwork highlights the champion device that achieved a power conversion efficiency of 16.94%. This value appears as inset text within the EQE spectrum plot. Francisco Bernal-Texca created the cover concept and designed the final artwork.

“Having the article highlighted with a cover in the Solar RRL journal is a great honor. This recognition underscores the importance and impact of our research in the field of organic photovoltaics. As the designer of the cover, I take particular delight in the idea of visualizing science in such an artistic way, especially when it also represents our scientific achievements,” said Francisco Bernal-Texca.

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