SOREC2 project showcased at the MWC 2024

Alastair Cunningham, from the ICFO Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) unit, took the stage at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 to deliver the talk entitled “Light for Energy, Light for Health, Light for Information”. Held on February 26th in Beat Barcelona spot, the official networking space fostered by the Barcelona city council, the Mobile World Capital and the MWC24, the talk explored the transformative power of photonics in addressing some of the world’s most pressing social challenges, specifically in energy, health, and communication.

Cunningham, who emphasized the crucial role that photonics plays in tackling these critical issues, showcased the SOREC2 project as an example of how photonic research is looking for innovative solutions in energy storage.

Alastair Cunningham (ICFO) during his talk at the MWC2024

“It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight ICFO’s innovative research in the field of energy, particularly in the context of ICFO’s Clean Planet Program, which brings together all of the institute’s renewable energy and environmentally-friendly research under one umbrella,” remarked Cunningham.

Transformative Power of Photonics