Saule Technologies Wins European Inventor Award in SMEs Category

Good news for one of our consortium members. The European Patent Office (EPO) has honored Polish scientist Olga Malinkiewicz and her team from Saule Technologies as winners in the ‘SMEs’ category of the European Inventor Award 2024. Additionally, they received the Popular Prize, chosen by the public, highlighting their significant contributions to renewable energy technologies. The winners were revealed at a ceremony held in the city of Valetta (Malta) on July 9th.

Olga Malinkiewicz receiving the European Inventor Award for her work on perovskite solar cells

Olga Malinkiewicz, from Saule Technologies, receiving the award.

Malinkiewicz and her team have received recognition for their creation of printable thin and flexible perovskite solar cells that harness solar energy from both natural and artificial light sources. An advanced inkjet printing process facilitates the manufacture of these solar cells, thereby enhancing sustainability and concurrently reducing energy consumption. The perovskite solar cells developed by Saule Technologies are able to absorb a broader spectrum of the sun’s wavelengths, offering increased efficiency and versatility.

Olga Malinkiewicz, co-founder and CTO of Saule Technologies, had been previously the recipient of the Photonics21 Student Innovation Award for her invention of a room-temperature inkjet printer for perovskite solar cell films.

About the EPO and the EPO’s award

The EPO launched the European Inventor Award, one of Europe’s most prestigious innovation prizes, in 2006. Its purpose is to honor individuals and teams whose inventions have addressed some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Moreover, the European Patent Office (EPO), a major public service institution in Europe, plays a crucial role in fostering cooperation on patents across the continent. In fact, the EPO was established with the specific goal of strengthening this collaboration.

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