SOREC2 at the European Corner 2023

The European Researchers’ Night” took place in 26 European countries on the last 29th of September simultaneously. One of the scheduled activities organized in Catalonia (La Nit de la Recerca) was the ‘European Corner a virtual place where ongoing European-funded projects can showcase their work through informative posters.

SOREC2 was featured in a poster designed by the members of Work Package 7. The designer created the poster to be visually appealing and informative, describing the project’s main goals and strategy. It was accompanied by brief, useful information, such as a popular summary.

The European Commission promotes the European Researchers’ Night as a broad public event. This event showcases the diversity of science and highlights its impact on citizens’ daily lives in fun and inspiring ways. The event, which attracts more than 1.5 million people in Europe every year, aims to bring research and researchers closer to the public and increase the interest of young people in science and research careers. It also seeks to showcase the impact of researchers’ work on people’s daily lives.”