SOREC2 presented at the “Harnessing Renewables for a Sustainable Future” SUNERGY meeting

Carles Ros, a researcher at ICFO and member of the SOREC2 consortium, participated in the recent “Harnessing Renewables for a Sustainable Future: Exploring CCU, Power-to-X and Solar-to-X Innovations” event held at EnergyVille facilities in Genk, Belgium, on June 4th and 5th, 2024.

Ros delivered an engaging flash talk, highlighting the groundbreaking SOREC2 project. In his presentation, he outlined the ambitious goals that SOREC2 aims to achieve, providing insights into the project’s collaborative framework. He detailed the roles and contributions of each partner within the SOREC2 consortium, emphasizing the importance of their collective expertise in driving the project’s success.

Carles Ros during his pitch talk.

This two-day event not only focused on innovations that provide fossil-free products for various sectors, but also specifically highlighted renewable hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, and green fertilizers. Moreover, discussions covered the entire innovation chain, starting with the latest academic research results. Additionally, the event delved into ways to scale up innovative solar-to-X technologies. Furthermore, it included demonstrations of mature solutions nearing commercialization, and finally, addressed their integration into the existing energy system.

This dynamic meeting was a collaborative effort, orchestrated by the forward-thinking SUNERGY initiative and the EU-funded SUNER-C CSA project. They partnered with a prestigious lineup of organizations, including the European Innovation Council, the renowned IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre), the innovative EuroTech Universities Alliance, and the groundbreaking EU projects CATART, CONDOR and FlowPhotoChem. This diverse coalition of stakeholders brought together their unique perspectives and expertise to foster a rich and productive dialogue on sustainable energy solutions