The SOREC2 research project is a unique collaboration between chemists, physicists, engineers, and social scientists. The expected success of SOREC2 relies on the synergy created by combining diverse expertise from academic groups and industrial partners. The consortium has a duration of 36 months and is divided into six work packages (WPs).

Work packages

WP1 will work to ensure the adequate progress and management of the consortium and the implementation of a data management plan.

WP2 will address the realization of the different systems and elements that will enable an effective direct sunlight energy conversion to storable energy, including:

  • Numerically design a planar PEC design
  • Numerically design a 3-D light scattering photonic structure
  • Demonstrate T-OPV cells with front/rear multilayered photonic structures that can deliver a 50% visible transmittance
  • Fabricate PVK cells with tuned thickness and bandgap for a suitable absorption in the visible

Led by ICFO

WP3 will address the development of the catalytic systems of the PEC cell, responsible for the chemical reactions taking place at the electrode liquid interface, which include the CO2R into C2 products and water into dioxygen.
Specific objectives of this WP are:

  • Preparation of a photoanode with a highly stable transparent & conducting thin film containing molecular WOC
  • Synthesis of CPET with modular redox potentials and pKa and CO2reduction catalysts
  • Catalytic tests of the photoanode for water oxidation to oxygen expecting faradaic efficiencies close to 100% and CPET based cathode for CO2R expecting C2 selectivity > 70% limited to ethanol and ethylene.

Led by UAB

WP4 will work on the design of stand-alone PEC and onthe development of the up-scaling roadmap.
Specific objectives of this WP are:

  • Build a stand-alone PEC incorporating:
    1. H2O oxidation photoanode
    2. T OPV cell
    3. PVK cell
    4. CO2R cathode
  • Propose a PEC up-scaling roadmap to take SOREC2’s technology beyond TRL 4.

Led by UNIFE

WP5 will implement the essential activities to identify the societal and economic impacts of SOREC2’s technology and to define routes to effectively engage stakeholders and citizens in the technology uptake.

Led by DBT

WP6 is committed to spreading and communicating the project’s outputs to the targeted and relevant audiences and to develop policy recommendations to speed up the SOREC2 technology uptake.

Led by ICFO