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Second general consortium meeting unveils SOREC2 progress

The SOREC2 consortium held its second general assembly (CGA) at the ICFO facilities on May 7th and 8th. 25 members of the consortium actively participated in this meeting,which focused on sharing the latest advancements across various work packages (WPs) achieved over the past 18 months and planning the future next steps.

Meet our team: UNIFE

Serena Berardi is an associate professor from University of Ferrara (UNIFE) and member of the Photoelectrochemistry group led by Prof. Stefano Caramori. Berardi leads the SOREC2 work package 4 (WP4), focused on the development of the photoelectrocemical cell. We have interviewed her for the second chapter of the “Meet the team” series and talked about […]

New four-terminal tandem organic solar cell achieves 16,94% power conversion efficiency

Researchers from ICFO and SOREC2 team members have fabricated a new four-terminal organic solar cell with a tandem configuration with a 16.94% power conversion efficiency (PCE). The new device is composed by a highly transparent front cell that incorporates a transparent ultrathin silver electrode of only 7nm, which ensures its efficient operation.

Meet our team: UAB

Carolina Gimbert is an associate professor at the Chemistry Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Gimbert leads the SOREC2 work package 3. For the first chapter of the “Meet our team” series, we interviewed her to discover the role, goals and work of the two UAB research groups involved in the project.

SOREC2 research advances showcased at MATSUS24 Conference

Four researchers involved in the SOREC2 project actively participated in the recent Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MATSUS24). They contributed to the event by delivering oral and poster presentations that highlighted the project’s ongoing research.

SOREC2 project showcased at the MWC 2024

Alastair Cunningham, from the ICFO Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) unit, took the stage at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 to deliver the talk entitled “Light for Energy, Light for Health, Light for Information”. Held on February 26th in Beat Barcelona spot, the official networking space fostered by the Barcelona city council, the Mobile […]

UNIFE presents SOREC2 at ENI Versalis Research Center

Researchers from UNIFE and SOREC2 team members, Serena Berardi and Stefano Caramori, met with researchers from the ENI Versalis Research Center in Ravenna, Italy, on January 24th. The purpose of the meeting was to present UNIFE’s ongoing research activities that Berardi’s group is currently carrying on in the fields of renewable energy and CO2 reduction.