SOREC2 research advances showcased at MATSUS24 Conference

Several researchers involved in the SOREC2 project actively participated in the recent Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MATSUS24). They contributed to the event by delivering oral and poster presentations that highlighted the project’s ongoing research.

Carles Ros (left) and Valentina Gacha (right) from ICFO

Held annually, MATSUS is an international meeting that brings together leading researchers and industry experts working on the development of advanced materials for a more sustainable future. This year’s conference, held from March 4th to 8th, 2024, in Barcelona focused on a wide range of topics, including solar energy conversion, clean energy technologies, and sustainable materials for various applications.
Consortium members Carles Ros and Valentina Gacha from the Organic Nanoestructured Photovoltaics group at ICFO and Laia Francàs and Xavier Sala from the SelOxCat group at the UAB presented preliminary results of their research. Konrad Wojciechowski, from SAULE, also took part in the meeting delivering an oral presentation outlining the industrial opportunities of flexible perovskite photovoltaics.

Laia Francàs (left) and Xavier Sala (right) from UAB SeOxCat group

Here are the presentations offered by SOREC2 team members:


Surface-Functionalized Ni nanostructures for Oxygen Evolution Reaction, a different synthetic approach.
Aureliano Macili, Laia Francas, Jordi García-Antón, Xavier Sala

Nanoparticles as catalysts for light driven reactions
Laia Francàs, Heting Hou, Eliana Da Silva, Alicia Moya, Alberto López, Nuria Romero, Marcos Gil-Sepulcre, Rubén Mas-Ballesté, Karine Philippot, Jordi García-Antón, Xavier Sala

Harnessing the Power of PM6:Y6 Photoanodes: Tandem OPEC/OPV Structures for Enhanced Solar Conversion with > 7 mA/cm2 at 0 VRHE
Carles Ros, Francisco Bernal, Jordi Martorell

Flexible perovskite photovoltaics – device engineering towards industrial reality

Konrad Wojciechowski


Enhancing photoelectrochemical perfomance of BiVO4 photoanodes through ZrCl4 treatment of SnO2 electron transport layer
Valentina Gacha, Carles Ros, Jordi Martorell, Dimitrios Raptis