SOREC2 at the 3rd CCUS and Alternative Fuels Cluster follow up meeting

Dimitrios Raptis, researcher at ICFO and member of SOREC2 consortium, attended the 3rd follow up meeting organized by CINEA and presented the SOREC2 project to the project coordinators who are part of the Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) and Alternative Fuels Cluster.

During the meeting that took place last 16th of June, Raptis presented briefly the motivation, the main goals and the approach of SOREC2 project. The session also showcased five other ongoing CCUS-related projects funded by CINEA. Finally, two projects of the cluster presented their final results and lessons learned.
The cluster lead organizes these follow-up meetings regularly in January, March, and June. The meetings facilitate regular informal exchanges about cluster issues, such as new projects joining, and share updates on the cluster’s main event The 8th H2020/Horizon Europe CCUS and Alternative Fuels Cluster meeting will take place next September. This event aims to bring together CINEA’s H2020/HE Project Coordinators and Policymakers in CCUS and Alternative Fuels. Together, they will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and perspectives of CO2 utilization and CO2-based alternative fuels in achieving climate neutrality.