SOREC2 researchers share project advancements at H2Future conference

Several SOREC2 team members actively participated in the recent H2Future conference, held in Ibiza from April 17th to 19th, 2024. Dimitrios Raptis (ICFO) and Axel Guinart (UAB) delivered oral presentations directly related to SOREC2’s ongoing research.

Raptis’ presentation, entitled “Improving the Photoelectrochemical Performance of BiVO4 Photoanodes via ZrCl4 Treatment of SnO2 Electron Transport Layer,” explored a crucial aspect of the project. The work, developed by the Organic Nanoestructured Photovoltaics research group, explores the methods adopted to enhance the efficiency of photoanodes, a key component in SOREC2’s technology for converting sunlight and CO2 into valuable C2 chemicals.

Dimitrios Raptis during his talk.

Guinart’s presentation, “Sol-gel hybrid materials for water oxidation (photo)electrodes,” complemented SOREC2’s research efforts by focusing on the development of novel materials for anodic catalytic layers in water splitting electrochemical cells.

Other SOREC2 members, Carolina Gimbert, Ruggero Bonetto and David Reyes (from the CatSyNanoMat research group at UAB), also attended the event. Gimbert even played a key role as one of the meeting organizers.

From left to right: Axel Guinart, Ruggero Bonetto and David Reyes, members of SOREC2 team

H2Future is a leading conference dedicated to exploring hydrogen’s potential as a clean and sustainable energy source. It serves as a platform for scientists, engineers, and policymakers to discuss the latest advancements in hydrogen production, storage, applications, and its role in facilitating the global energy transition.