SOREC2 showcased at the outreach event “Path to Discover the Magic of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air”

SOREC2 project was presented at the outreach event “Path to Discover the Magic of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air” last 16th of June. Professor Stefano Caramori, a team member of SOREC2 from UNIFE, gave the talk titled “Converting Solar Energy with Semiconductors” during the fourth session of the conference cycle.

Caramori’s presentation aimed to explain the insights and fundamental principles of solar energy conversion using semiconductors, the necessity of utilizing solar energy as the most widespread source of renewable energy, and the necessity of energy storage using solar fuels to address the issues caused by the solar energy’s inherent intermittency.
During his talk, Caramori briefly introduced the SOREC2 project as an example of integrating new solar technology to convert CO2 into fuels. Since the audience was general public, Caramori did not enter into specifics about how the device will work, instead he focused on the concept of cleverly managing solar harvesting by using complementary absorbers and combining the voltage produced by various cells to power a photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) responsible for producing valuable fuels from CO2 feedstock.
The outreach event is organized by the Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Agricultural Sciences of UNIFE, targeting basically high school and undergraduate students. It consists of six sessions from May to October, featuring over a dozen dissemination talks that showcase the research activities of UNIFE scientists. This event provides an opportunity for the general public to engage with university researchers to explore the strategies to balance today’s and tomorrow’s economic, social, and environmental needs while safeguarding the four elements.

Prof. Caramori’s presentation can be downloaded here