SOREC2 advancements showcased at the International School on Organometallic Chemistry

Several researchers from UAB and members of the SOREC2 team participated in the XVth edition of the Annual International School on Organometallic Chemistry “Marcial Moreno Mañas,” organized by the ORFEO-CINQA Network, which took place in Alicante from May 29th to May 31st, 2024. The event brought together young students, early career researchers and well-recognized experts in the field, providing a platform for cutting-edge scientific exchange of scientific information and knowledge.

Ruggero Bonetto (left) and Axel Guitart (right) presenting their latest results

Among the participants from the SOREC2 project were Ruggero Bonetto and Axel Guinart, who each delivered a flash presentation and showcased a poster, highlighting the latest advancements and results from their work on the project. Bonetto’s presentation and poster, titled “Sol-gel Approach Towards Oxide Thin Film to Enhance the Performance of Water Oxidation Photoanodes,” focused on innovative techniques to improve photoanode efficiency in water oxidation processes. Guinart’s work, presented under the title “Cu-complex for Hybrid SiO2 Materials Active Towards Water Oxidation,” explored the potential of immobilizing copper complexes on metal dioxide materials for water oxidation applications.

Ruggero Bonetto and Carolina Gimbert during the poster session
Axel Guitart and Carolina Gimbert during the poster session

In addition to Bonetto and Guinart, other members of the SOREC2 consortium played pivotal roles in the event. Adelina Vallribera performed as chair of the conference, while Carolina Gimbert, and Roser Pleixats were members of the organizing committee and chaired one of the ten scheduled sessions of the school.

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