SOREC2 researchers at ICFO-AMOLF Frontiers Research School

Five researchers from the SOREC2 team participated in the recent ICFO-AMOLF Frontiers Research School: Light for Energy and Information Processing. This international school, held at the ICFO from 1st to 3rd of July, brought together talented young and senior researchers from around the world.

Martina d’Andrea (left) and Francsico Bernal (right) with their posters.

Valentina Gacha, Francisco Bernal, Martina d’Andrea, and Emmanouela Andrioti all represented SOREC2 and their current research works at the event. Each presented a poster outlining their ongoing work, fostering valuable discussions and exchanges with other researchers.

These were their contributions:

  • Advancing Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction: Material’s Engineering and Light Management to Enhance BiVO4 Photoanode’s Performance, Valentina Gacha
  • Understanding the instability in high performance organic photoanodes, Emmanouela Andrioti
  • Optical management for the open-circuit voltage enhancement in single-junction organic solar cells, Francisco Bernal Texca
  • 3D Nanostructures for PVK Solar Cells, Martina d’Andrea

Furthermore, Professor Jordi Martorell, an ICFO researcher and coordinator of the SOREC2 project, actively contributed to the school’s program. As selected lecturer of this 3-day-event, Martorell offered the lecture entitled “Reducing Boltzmann losses to optically enhance the open circuit voltage in solar cells,”.

Emmanoule Andrioti (left) and Valentina Gacha (right) during the Summer School poster session.
Prof. Jordi Martorell during his lecture.

This summer school brought together PhD students from both organizing institutes, ICFO and AMOLF, offering a great opportunity for networking and scientific discussions. The event covered several scientific topics, inlcuding light harvesting and energy conversion.

Frontiers Research Schools on the Frontiers of Light aim at giving talented young researchers and students worldwide a first introduction to a thematic research area and a taste of an international research environment.