UNIFE presents SOREC2 at ENI Versalis Research Center

Researchers from UNIFE and SOREC2 team members, Serena Berardi and Stefano Caramori, met with researchers from the ENI Versalis Research Center in Ravenna, Italy, on January 24th. The purpose of the meeting was to present UNIFE’s ongoing research activities that Berardi’s group is currently carrying on in the fields of renewable energy and CO2 reduction.

During the meeting, Berardi gave the talk entitled “Nanostructured interfaces for solar energy conversion and CO2 reduction,” in which she also highlighted the vision and goals of the SOREC2 project.

Serena Berardi and Stefano Caramori during the meeting at the ENI Versalis Research Center in Ravenna.

“The meeting was a fruitful discussion and provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas  with researchers who bring real-world industrial expertise and perspective to our research activities,” said Berardi.

ENI Research Centers in Ravenna and Ferrara constitute the Versalis Elastomer Research Centre, specialising in new development solutions in the field of elastomeric polymers.